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Kiosk Getting Started

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Choose and option for setting up and configuring your Kiosk software.

Install Guide - Installing your Kiosk software    Basic Employee Sign In / Out - Configure a Basic Kiosk
Installation Guide Our Install Guide will help you install and configure the Kiosk Software for both the PC and CE devices. read more... BAsic In Out Kiosk Our Basic Employee Kiosk Guide will help you configure your Kiosk software to be used as a Basic Check In and Out. Kiosks can be placed anywhere in a building giving people the ability to change or check the status from anywhere.  We also show how to configure hardware options such as our Door Control, Fingerprint, and Magentic card readers.
Large Screen Display - Configure a Large Screen Display    Guest Check-In - Configure a Guest Check In Kiosk
Large Screen Display Our Large Screen Displays Guide will help you configure the Kiosk Software to work as a Large Screen Display. We also show how to configure hardware options such as our Fingerprint and Magentic card readers. Kiosk Guest Our Guest login Guide will help you setup the Kiosk to work as a Guest Login. When you have a guest visit your company or office, you can now record important information electronically. Our Kiosks will inform staff at their desk, by mobile phone, or other Kiosk placed throughout the building that they have a guest in the building.