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Savance was established in 1998 to provide network and software solutions that automate business processes. We started with the idea that technology could be used effectively to save businesses time and money and make our lives easier.

In 1999, Savance started our software solutions with a product we now call Savance Enterprise. Savance Enterprise functions as an ERP business application that organizes and operates a wholesale distribution business.  Since a few of the principles worked for an electrical distributor, we quickly recognized the opportunity to reduce manual data entry and the inefficient paper trail.

About a year later, while being forced to use another company's badly devised electronic in out board solution, we became motivated to write our own electronic in out status board software.  We had designed software for the enterprise since day one, so it was frustrating to use a software that could not be accessed remotely, made it hard to change your status, did not have any searching capabilities, was far from scalable, and went down frequently.  We wanted to build an electronic in out board with a better overall design that could be updated from anywhere and was much more user friendly. Out of this desire, our EIOBoard software was born! Our first sale after launching our newly developed EIOBoard status board software took place on December 1st, 2003 and since then, we have acquired thousands of customers, some of which have 10,000+ users! We have military, educational and healthcare institutions, governmental organizations, churches and non-profits, and many other organizations as part of our valued EIOBoard community.

In 2009, stemming from the EIOBoard tracking technology, we spun off Savance Health, a staff, patient, and asset tracker for the healthcare industry with the option to have patient check-in stations, waiting room displays, and more. Again, our goal was to improve efficiency and workflow.