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EIOBoard Case Studies:

Explore our EIOBoard Case Studies to find out how other organizations are benefiting from using EIOBoard solutions.

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A company and the products they sell are only as good as the happiness and workability that they bring to their customers. At Savance, we believe this is truly one of the key ingredients to our EIOBoard software's success.


The System Has Exceeded My Expectations

Before implementing the [Savance Emergency Mustering] system on the Inspiration, I was excited about the thought of faster, more efficient emergency musters. We’ve been using it for several months now and the system has exceeded my expectations.

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Ken Davis

Radio Operator


University of Nebraska

Low User Fee Makes It a No-Brainer

As wonderful as the product is, I would say that my biggest kudos goes to the staff at EIOBoard. They have answered our questions promptly. Helped us work though implementation and been in touch with us about how the product was working. We are pleased with the service and communication we have received from them. They are nice, friendly folks, as well.

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Gina Matkin

Asst Director, Training & Development

University of Nebraska Lincoln

State of Vermont Department of Public Safety

Secure Way of Protecting Evidence

The EIOBoard system worked so well for Forensics, we've implemented it into the rest of the DPS […] We now have a secure way of protecting critical evidence.

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Drew Emory

Help Desk Manager

State of Vermont Public Safety Department

REACH Community Development

EIOBoard Was an Instant Success

I would like to thank everyone at Savance for providing such an outstanding product with their EIOBoard software. It's really top notch. We switched to EIOBoard, locally hosted, this year because the software we were using was so incredibly unreliable and problematic. It had become the bane of my existence and the cause of many headaches. EIOBoard was an instant success here at REACH. It was easy to install and configure and the Outlook client works extremely well. All of my users love it!

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Tony Rockdaschel

IT Manager

REACH Community Development

Miller Bonded

We Really Appreciate All That You Do for Us

I wanted to take a minute and let you know that we here at Miller Bonded really appreciate the services that you and your support team provide to us. I deal with a number of software vendors at Miller Bonded and your team is by far the easiest to talk to and one of the best to work with. The support team at Savance always takes time to listen and understand what the problem is and always does what ever it takes to get us a solution. I know of at least two times when I have called up there either close to closing time or in some instances after business hours and a tech has answered the call and helped me out with my support call. Your support team's understanding, diligence, and work ethic are unsurpassed and we really appreciate all that you do for us.

Richard V. Gebler

CAD/IT Manager

Miller Bonded

Sherritt International Corporation

Everything We'd Hoped For

[EIOBoard has] really hit the nail on the head. It has accomplished everything we'd hoped for.

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Martin Rowland

Safety & Training Coordinator

Sherritt International Corporation

Rowan County North Carolina

Low User Fee Makes It a No-Brainer

Rowan County has been a user of the web-based EIOBoard for about three years now. When we were searching for a piece of software to replace our outdated status white board in our administrative hallway, EIOBoard was found to provide just what we needed. Its largest attraction is by being completely web based; any of our staff can access it from anywhere there is a internet connection. There is no host software to upgrade or maintain. The low cost annual user fee makes it a no-brainer.

Frank T Thomason

ENP, Director of Emergency Services

Rowan County, North Carolina

Mfg Market Financial Group

Excellent Product & Great Support

Recently I worked with Keith Colegrove over a period of months while we were installing our EIOBoard application, and later moving it among servers. Every time we needed help we were met with prompt, intelligent, and useful support. Savance not only offers an excellent product, but great support. I wish every company would offer the same level of service like they do.

Eric Grimes

Information Technology Director

Market Financial Group, Ltd.

Barth Electric Company

Exceptional Product

It's been a very exceptional product for what we need it for. […] If Savance ever doesn't receive our check, it's a mistake. We depend on it that much.

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Scott Reasoner

IT Systems Administrator

Barth Electric Company

ICA Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

A Great Improvement

If you are accountable for tracking staff and visitors, have multiple points of entry and egress, need to apply staff time to payroll and various projects, you'll find EIOBoard a great improvement over the old pen, paper, and clipboard methods.

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Brian Burgess

Accounting Manager

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

— Businesses & Organizations Put Their Trust in Savance Solutions —

Here are just a few of the many companies and organizations that have put their trust in Savance EIOBoard solutions

Savance Customers

Llewelyn Davis Sahni Architects + Planners

The Best Customer Support

Your company has the best customer support in the history of customer support.

Jason C. Baezner

Associate & Project Manager

Llewelyn-Davies Sahni

Loesel Schaaf Insurance Agency

SUPERIOR, Top Notch Support

I would like to tell you that I have been working with computers in this agency for over 30 years. I have dealt with more tech support than I can count. We bought EIOBoard years ago and you have always given me SUPERIOR, top notch support. I continue to be impressed each and every time that I have needed support. We are a society that is quick to complain when things go wrong and not near enough praise when it goes above and beyond your expectation. Thank you!

Amy L. Mitchell

Loesel-Schaaf Insurance Agency, Inc.


Musters Now Occur Almost Automatically

The main difference between using the Savance system compared to other mustering systems is that after the first stage muster if people are missing, you can identify them immediately. Unlike in the past, muster during drills is almost an afterthought. It occurs almost automatically, and I can focus my efforts and those of the bridge team on addressing the emergency.

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Brandon Hargreaves



American Packaging Corporation

More Accurate & Efficient

In addition to savings in staff accountability, the process of accounting for visitors and contractors has also become more accurate and efficient.

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David Sherrard

Safety Manager

American Packaging Corporation

University of Alaska

We Needed a Secure, Private Solution

Prior to installing EIOBoard, we had been using a variety of public instant messaging applications. But with the large number of worms, Trojan horses, and viruses that are spread by public IM systems and our mandate to keep student information confidential we needed a secure, private solution. We also had previously developed a simple in & out board application in house to try to keep track of our 76 staff members.

We identified the need for a better in/out board and IM solution and hoped to find them both consolidated in one package. After more than six months of research and testing, nothing else we looked at was as good a fit for our needs as EIOBoard. Our management was especially impressed with the ability to request custom features for an extremely modest cost.

One of the best features has been the support. They are extremely knowledgeable, are always right on top of our requests, and are great about responding in a very timely manner. It is one of the few tech support experiences I don't dread.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the new system from our users. Other departments within the university have now started looking at what we use and we are happy to tell them how pleased we have been with EIOBoard.

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Jerry Tibor

LAN Manager

University of Alaska Anchorage


We Consider You All Friends

Most companies drop you like a "hot potato" once you've signed on the dotted line, but Savance has always been there for us and we consider you all friends.

Kathy Firchau

Risk Management


CPI Construction Professionals Inc

You Truly Have a Great Product

The setup has gone fine and we love it. You truly have a great product.

Howard (Grae) Rambo

Chief Executive Officer

Construction Professionals Inc (CPI)

Cardinal Health

Savance Team Rocks!!!

Thank you Savance team for quickly identifying the service needs of a team of 25 people. Within a few short days, your team got our two offices up and running with minimal complications. I have received numerous compliments and praises for bringing this product to Cardinal and just want to thank you for giving us the glance to see "who is in or out"! Thanks again for providing such an ideal product. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.

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Alain Bilodeau


Cardinal Health

Huge Help to Our Receptionists

We absolutely love it! It works great and has been a huge help to our receptionist since our employees are spread out.

Sherri Lund-Fery

Vice President of Operations

Contractors Insurance Services, Inc

AVS Audio Video Systems

Part of Our Critical Infrastructure

We actually had a much simpler in out board that one of our programmers wrote 10 years ago. It wasn't nearly as robust and featured as what your software does. It was more of an added feature to our company than something we relied on. EIOBoard is considered part of our critical infrastructure, as it's accessible from anywhere, and plays well with the iPhone, which we have several of. I'm extremely happy with EIOBoard.

Nicholas Suchyta

Information Technology Director

Audio Video Systems

MKM Retail Distribution and Fulfillment


You guys have impressed me! What else do you sell?

Chris Long

Technical Engineer

MKM Logistics

York County Pennsylvania

Outstanding Service

As always service from your staff has been excellent. Keith took excellent care of me and worked diligently to resolve our issues along with the other members of your technical staff and development team. As always the service is Top Notch and what I have come to expect from Savance. You should take great pride in them. Rarely do I receive such outstanding service.

Thomas D. Williams Jr

Assistant Director of Technology

County of York, PA

State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

I can't say enough about these guys

I am relatively new to my job and I inherited a server running an older version of EIOBoard. The setup was kind of a mess and needed some attention. It quickly became obvious that I was going to need some help, so I called EIOBoard customer support. Travis was instrumental in getting me up to speed and even showed me a few extra things to help me succeed with future administration. When we later decided to move our services to a new sever, we ran into quite a few roadblocks. My ISP and my network environment is rather unconventional in several ways, so our migration was met with several tough challenges. Once again, Travis hung with me the entire way while we worked things out and got everything working again. To say that he went the extra mile would be putting it mildly. I can't say enough about these guys. I highly recommend this product!

Patrick M. Irvine

Laboratory Systems Analyst

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Mobilease Equipment and Vehicle Leasing

Exactly the Product We Needed

EIOBoard was exactly the product we needed to replace our old pen-and-paper sign out sheet, as it allows us to locate our employees in real-time and to keep much-needed historical data for attendance and payroll purposes. The support we've received from Savance, tech and otherwise, has always been quick and effective. I gladly recommend the product!

Robert Schuller

Chief Financial Officer

Mobilease, Inc.

Johnson County, KS, Sheriff’s Department

Integral Part of Daily Routines

EIOBoard has been a real integral part of daily routines, and the support we have received has been excellent.

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Chris Krug

Quality Assurance Manager

Johnson County Sheriff Department, KS

Downes Associates

User-Friendly & Very Reliable

The EIOBoard has proven to be a great office communication tool for our company. The program is both user-friendly and very reliable. We use the web-based version, thereby allowing our employees to access it from any location—which is great! The EIOBoard has definitely saved our company time, money, and greatly diminished the frustration of trying to keep track of employees. Thank you to the EIOBoard staff for the assistance and great service they have provided to our company.

Sheryll Harrold

Office Manager

Downes Associates, Inc.


Client Frustration Has Decreased

Thank you for introducing our company to your fabulous EIOBoard. Having employees on five floors, made it difficult to determine if a particular employee was in or not. Now with just a glance, I can answer and route calls to the proper party in much less time than it took with our old method of paper telephone list lookup. I feel more confident answering the calls, and I believe the In and Out system has cut down on client frustration as well as my own, thus providing better service.

Your professional, hard working staff has been great to work with and I hope our relationship continues throughout the years.

Linda Crider



Buchanan Enterprises

Excellent Support, Above & Beyond

Thanks again to the entire Savance team for the excellent support, above and beyond, through out the entire process – it was a deciding factor that helped make the final decision to purchase EIOBoard. It was felt that if we were able to get that level of support before we even purchased the product imagine what it will be when we are a customer. The program does exactly what you said it would and more; we are very pleased.

Clinton Jensen

Systems Administrator/CAD Manager

Buchanan Enterprises

St Vrain Credit Union

We Love the Product

Things are going great and we love the product. You have a great product and great service.

Darlene Brown

Vice President of Operations

St. Vrain Valley Credit Union

Bristol Management

Outlook Sync Was Icing on the Cake

After carefully reviewing many programs similar to EIOBoard, yours stood out as high quality interfacing in a workplace environment. The Outlook synchronizing was the icing on the cake to meet the demands of the constant in & out environment of property management. In addition, your customer service and tech support provided was top notch. I would grade you with an A+.

Mary Woodard

IT Manager

Bristol Management

Lake Region Special Education

Ideal Solution to Keep Track of Our Staff

Our organization has used EIOBoard for three years now. It has been the ideal solution for keeping track of our staff's constantly changing schedules. The support provided by Savance has been outstanding. They are constantly striving to meet customer needs and provide improvements based on customer suggestions. The support team has gone above and beyond in making regular updates a smooth process, even taking the time to help sort out server settings on a customized installation of the Intranet version. Savance provides the most responsive technical support I have ever encountered in ten years as a Media/Technology Specialist. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an electronic in/out board solution with many added features.

Kristi Serumgard

Media/Technology Specialist

Lake Region Special Education