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Testimonial: University of Nebraska Lincoln

We have been using the EIO In/Out Board for our staff for nearly a year now. We use the local software as opposed to the web-based version in our workplace so we can take advantage of the extra features. The product has performed well for us and has allowed us a much more reliable way to keep track of employees in multiple buildings and locations. Our receptionists are very pleased as they can check on the status of everyone right from their desk. We had good buy-in from our staff in getting them to use the board consistently. We have been told that it is much easier than the old "move the dot" method at the front door. Our clerical staff is great about offering to change status for anyone who forgot if they call or notify them. They do this cheerfully and without complaint to encourage people to let them know where they are. I think this has helped a great deal as well.

In addition to the Receptionists, our employees like the ability to find out if someone if "in" before walking over or calling. It saves them time and energy.

Our employees who have similar functions at difference locations (bookkeeping, accounts payable, payroll, etc.) use the chat function frequently to ask questions and stay consistent in their processes. We have also found it a wonderful way to boost morale as some employees use it to say good morning (or Happy Birthday) to colleagues they are friends with, etc. We have had a few employees request disabling of the chat function as it did not fit with their work (or personality) style, and we have honored those few requests.

We also like the ability to "group" employees. Managers can have a tab where they can check on the status and location of only the employees that report to them so they can see "at a glance" where all of their staff are.

This has come in very handy with our multiple building situations as well.

Since some of our employees occasionally work at home, it is also beneficial to allow them access to the In/Out board so they can let folks know when they are actually working and available for calls, etc.

We are now looking into working with the staff at EIOBoard to use the system as a timekeeping system. We have not implemented that yet, but look forward to the possibilities.

As wonderful as the product is, I would say that my biggest kudos goes to the staff at EIOBoard. They have answered our questions promptly. Helped us work though implementation and been in touch with us about how the product was working. We are pleased with the service and communication we have received from them. They are nice, friendly folks, as well.

Gina Matkin

Assistant Director, Training & Development

University of Nebraska Lincoln