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Hosting Options

Whether you choose the EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet) or the Customer-Hosted (Intranet) you will access EIOBoard the same way. With either hosting option you get the same EIOBoard interfaces including the Application Interface, Outlook Add-in, and Browser Interface (Web).

EIOBoard Hosted   Customer Hosted

This option is hosted on our EIOBoard Server and requires no server installation of any kind. We host all your information on our server.


99.9 % uptime
Backup of all information 24/7
No technical skills needed
Server automatically updates to newest version
Remote and mobile access is ready to go out of the box.
Easier to install



Ongoing subscription needed
Cannot access the database
No server side Exchange Sync or Active Directory integration


This EIOBoard option is hosted on your company server and requires you to install everything on your system.


You own the software w/optional support and upgrades
Microsoft Exchange Sync
Active Directory Authentication
Multiple organization support
User Customization and Access to database tables



Rely on your own Server Uptime
User required to backup data
Must setup your own remote and mobile access to EIOBoard
More technical skills needed for install and upgrades