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Note: This page is no longer kept up-to-date. For updated content, please see Savance Workplace Browser Interface.

EIOBoard Browser Interface

EIOBoard Browser Interface

  • Accessed anywhere with internet connection
  • Compatible with any browser
  • No software to install
  • Online chat
  • Customizable colors, fonts and display
Browser Main Screen

Browser Main Screen

Main Browser Interface

The EIOBoard Browser Interface is available through any web browser on any operating system including Mac and Linux. This interface has many of the features that the application offers such as the Calendar, Reporting, an Employee Status Filter, a Company Phone List, and more.

You can quickly see the status of your entire company from anywhere with an internet connection. Our Browser interface allows users to work remotely and still keep in touch with their company or office. It also has the convenience of not having to install any software.

Browser Calendar
Browser Calendar

View Your Calendar

The Browser Interface allows users to view all appointments and events conveniently from any browser. Also from an internet browser you can also set future statuses and appointments quickly and easily. EIOBoard Calendar allows users to see all the events and appointments for the day, week, or month. The list view allows you to see all your events or Appointments with details. You can also view and manage all your resources.

By using the Browser Interface users do not need to update their status in multiple locations, or open other applications, thus saving time and efforts. The Browser provides a mobile solution to your companies electronic in out board.

Browser Reports


With the Browser Interface users can view Reports on Daily Usage, Future Status Summary, Start and End Time, and more. Users can choose different options such as different Locations, Organizations, Groups or a Single Contact. This feature gives employers and administration to see the status reports of anyone in your company