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10 Ways to Help You Use EIOBoard
  Number 1 Have EIOBoard mandated by policy for use by your company or organization by management.  Also, encourage receptionist, or team leaders, to insure accuracy of their co-worker's EIOBoard status.
  Number 2 Use the EIOBoard Reporting available to keep track of those who are not using EIOBoard like they should.  Specifically, running the “Daily Non-Usage Summary” and then following up with the “Non-Using” EIOBoard offenders to keep everyone onboard would nip that usage problem in the bud.
  Number 3 Have a monthly "prize" drawing for all the staff that has used EIOBoard religiously. This helps to instill daily usage while making it fun. The prize can be as simple as giving them a package of chewing gum or as big as adding 15 minutes onto their lunch period. Everyone loves to win a prize!
  Number 4 Have your staff use the EIOBoard Application (client) version—which can be set up to log the user In/Out or unavailable (by detecting keyboard/mouse activity and with presence sensing). This interface also reminds you to login/out each day when opening or closing and can be added to the users PC startup. Please read all about using the Application at: or to download and install the EIOBoard Application interface, see the link I have added below in "Note".
  Number 5 If you use Outlook for your mail server, have your staff use the Outlook Add-in with using the user presence sensing setting to auto remind the user to login/ logout as users open/close your Microsoft Outlook daily. You can read more on our EIOBoard website at: or download with the links for your version I have added below.
  Number 6 Incorporate time and attendance measures to either confirm submitted time or solely report time for compensation.  Our EIOBoard Timecard add-on feature can help greatly because no use, no pay.  Please check out this link for more information: and take a tour at
  Number 7 Integrate building access with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or with our Fingerprint Biometric solution, with your EIOBoard to make check in/out easier than ever.  Here is a link to show you some options:
  Number 8 Centrally located EIOBoard Kiosk to facilitate easy check in, check out and status updates.  Please check out the Kiosk info at and
  Number 9 If you would also like to try out the PC version of our EIOBoard Kiosk free for 30 days, please visit for more information as well as to sign up for a 30-day PC version trial.
  Number 10 Use the Add-on EIOBoard Punch software which allows you to change your status with HID, barcode, or biometrics on your way in and out of the building without an interactive screen.  To learn more, click on this link: Note: If possible, allow your staff all 4 various ways to access your EIOBoard.  IMPORTANT: Please remember that if you are Customer-Hosted Intranet client that your user settings must be pointing to your server!  The EIOBoard Web Browser, Application, Mobile, and the Outlook Add-in interfaces all communicate with each other to update the same database.  That means that your staff members could then have several ways to keep their statuses current and updated!  This gives your organization, and users, the flexibility to use any or all of the interfaces that are most convenient at that time.  So “no excuses” for NOT utilizing your EIOBoard software! 

Here is where you can download any of these interfaces for EIOBoard with making sure you choose the right hosting—either EIOBoard-Hosted (we host), or Customer-Hosted (you host) :