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Software Development Kit


  • Customize EIOBoard to fit into your company
  • Add module to Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Integrate with your current intranet
  • Easy to configure and change
  • Integrate with your phone system 

Main Application

Phone System, Sharepoint, Internet, or Custom Application
Software Development Kit

The EIOBoard SDK (Software Development Kit) was designed to give EIOBoard customers the power to fully integrate the EIOBoard electronic in out board with their own environment. This might include integrating with your phone system, with your Intranet, with your Microsoft SharePoint site, or with any other custom application that your company already relies on.

In order to support the SDK, your company must be running version 6.0 or higher. Both the Customer-Hosted and Cloud-Based EIOBoard versions fully support the SDK.

Helpful Documents

EIOBoard SDK Web Service Operations
Setting your Organization Key used for the EIOBoard SDK
Using Java with the EIOBoard SDK