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Where EIOBoard is Being Used

Here are some basic examples of where EIOBoard is being used.

Kiosk Display in Lobby

Reception Desk

You can view the status of the entire office or building with one quick glance at our wall mounted Kiosk display. Our large screen displays come in various sizes 40", 46", and 55" and our wall mounted touch screens size from 3" up to 46", in both basic and enterprise editions.

Large 55" display
VESA wall mounting
 Large screens come with small wall mount PCs


View how to setup a Reception Desk here.


EIOBoard Electronic Timesheets

EIOBoard Timesheets makes keeping track of time and attendance a breeze, and can also be integrated into your payroll system. Our Kiosks work great with HID cards, fingerprint scanners, card swipes, and more. 

Keep track of timesheets & payroll
Better status to track employees
Built in reports 

Electronic In Out Board Touchscreen
EIOBoard Kiosk in Hospitals


EIOBoard Kiosk is perfect fit for hospitals due to it large screen viewing capabilities. Doctors can punch in and out and leave information for receptionist, such as where they are in the building or what patients they are with. Placing Kiosks throughout the hospital gives nurses, doctors, and patients the ability to check anyone's status, view and leaves notes, and check in and out of the building.

 Check doctors, nurses, patient status
Kiosk can be placed anywhere
 Scrolling marquee for notifications


View how to setup a Hospital here.



Aircraft and Flight Crews

EIOBoard is so feature rich it can be used in applications other than just employees status. Here EIOBoard is used to keep track of flight status and plane locations. It also keeps the ground crew aware of each of the planes location and condition.

Aircraft location and status
Color coded status for easy viewing
Customized to fit any situation 

Air Force


EIOBoard can be used in various areas of the school to keep students, staff, and even guest informed. Classroom locations and teacher status can keep students updated on any changes. Guests can also login to inform teachers and staff that they are in the building and their location.

 Status on students, teachers, & staff
Organize your schools by grade
Leave notes for students and staff