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EB-Timesheet Help Guide

Please follow the steps below for setting up your timesheets. 

EIOBoard Timesheets are a crucial part of your time management. All our interfaces work conjunctively with the timesheet feature allowing you to run reports and create payroll options in a matter of seconds. Whether you use the Application, Outlook Add-in, Browser or Mobile Interfaces all the information is store on our Timesheets.


 Create Timecards
  Create Timesheets Add Users to Timesheets List


 Payroll Options
Payroll Options

Choose a Payroll Option for how the employee gets paid

Choose Export Location

Selecting Timecard Pay Periods

Choose the Pay period you want to export. The Most recent 10 Timecards are displayed.

Status Options
Preview Timsheets Preview the Timecards before they are Exported.
Export Successful
Export Confirmation A confirmation page show how many Contacts Exported and the Location