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Resource Manager Guide

Our Resource Manager can help you organize all your Events, Functions, and Resources all in one area. You can use our Resource Wizard to guide you through the steps of setting up your Events, selecting Contacts, and allocating Resources.

Resource Manager

Create and Event

  1. Enter the Event Name and a Description.
  2. Choose either the option of Date / Time or Select Resources
Resource Manager Window

Selecting the Times

  1. Enter the Event Times and Dates
Selecting the Times

Choosing the Resources

  1. Select Resources that your event will require.
Choose the Resources for your event

Add People Attending Event

  1. Choose the people that will be attending the event.
  2. Set Future Status of all the people that will be attending.
Slect the contact for the event

Finalize and Confirm the Event

  1. View and edit any section.
  2. Click next to finalize the event.
Finalize the Event