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EIOBoard Maintenance Agreement

Below your will find the details of our Maintenance Agreement

What is the Annual Maintenance Agreement?

To maximize the value of your new EIOBoard Intranet License, all new purchases of EIOBoard come with a 12‐month Annual Maintenance Agreement. The Annual Maintenance Agreement ensures that your new EIOBoard software will be eligible for any new updates and upgrades for the next twelve months.
The Annual Maintenance Agreement entitles you to:

  Maintenance Agreement
Upgrade Protection which includes; upgrades to the EIOBoard version for free.
One year of maintenance included with all new purchases of Perpetual Licenses
Free Technical Support
Simplify your software ordering process.
Add additional years of maintenance for easy budget management.
No-hassle Maintenance renewal

Please Note:
Owners of EB Renewals 1E, 2E, 3E, 4E, or 5E Licenses may renew their Maintenance Agreement which includes; Upgrade Protection, Maintenance Updates & Tech Support, before it expires, thereby ensuring continued receipt of free upgrades, technical support and maintenance updates. Renewing your Maintenance Agreement is also the best and least expensive way to protect your software investment. If your Maintenance Agreement is allowed to expire, low cost renewals will no longer be available as an option. Instead, you will be eligible for software upgrades to the latest version of EIOBoard at the published pricing. These prices are invariably higher than the cost of keeping your Maintenance Agreement current.