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Door Control and Punch Service

EIOBoard Punch

Punch Service

The EIOBoard Punch Service and Interactive Tool was designed to change your status at the door without the need for an interactive display.  This allows you to configure devices such as two HID cards - one labeled "In" and one labeled "Out" to adjust your status accordingly.  The system supports the same devices as the Kiosk - the HID Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Magnetic Card Reader, and Barcode Scanner.  The solution saves you from having to purchase an interactive PC and touch screen or Kiosk.

Door Control

The key to a successful in/out board implementation is accuracy.  What better way to keep it accurate without breaking your budget.  In addition, you can leverage and tap into an existing HID reader as long as it supports Wiegand.  To do this, you just need to order a splitter or a Wiegand OEM module with Door Control from Savance. 

EIOBoard Punch

Card Reader, Punch Software and PC
 HID card reader EB Punch Software Small Wall Mount PC

Helpful Document

Install and Configure the Door Control Module


The HID card reader packaged with EIOBoard's Kiosk software eliminates the need for manual entry, providing error-free identification. Coupled with our Door Control Module, the kiosk can actually control a door lock when the HID badge is presented and authenticated.  Read More...


Fingerprint Reader

Our new Fingerprint Scanner and EIOBoard's Kiosk software allows users to use their fingerprint instead of badge cards to change their status and control the door locks. The fingerprint CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system allows the system to capture high quality fingerprint images with little distortion.  Read More...

Magnetic Card Reader

Our magnetic card readers and EIOBoard's Kiosk software allow users to use their magnetic badge cards to change their status and control the door locks. Its die-cast metal base, stainless steel wear plate, and impact-resistant housing make it ideal for stand-alone, high-volume applications.  Read More...


Wiegland Converter

Wiegland ConverterOur door control Kiosks can be used with already existing hardware at your office. The Wiegland Converter will integrate seamlessly into our Kiosk system. It is easy to install and can be setup in minutes.  Talk to us about your specific setup and objectives. Read More...

Electronic Door Control Handle

Door HandleThe EIOBoard heavy duty electronic door handle is used for controlling door locks. The unit comes standard as always locked from the outside and keyed, and always open from the inside. It can can also be configured to be locked on both sides. Read More...


Electronic Door Control Lock

Door LockThe EIOBoard heavy duty industrialized electric strike has been designed for the locking and unlocking of doors using either a kiosk, card reader, or fingerprint scanner. The lock is configurable to stay locked or unlocked from the inside, and locked from the outside. Read More...