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EIOBoard Consulting Sessions

EIOBoard Consulting Sessions are designed to help users get acquainted with some basic EIOBoard functions. Common functions covered during a setup and training session include hardware setup, software setup, and user training. Our training sessions are done using a web meeting software (GotoMeeting) for one continuous meeting that can last up to 2-hours. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a session.



Setup Hardware

System Setup

Bullet Setup or move servers
Bullet Wiring or connecting devices
Bullet Mounting hardware
Bullet Hardware configuration
Training Staff

Training the Users

Bullet Users Settings
Bullet Covering the basics of Application, Outlook Add -In, Browser, and Mobile interfaces
Bullet Basic features
Bullet Changing users status
Bullet Personalization

Software Setup

Bullet Server settings
Bullet Network configuration
Bullet Administrator
Bullet Adding users
Bullet User synchronization
Bullet Status options
Bullet Logos and layout