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Configuring Company User Settings Guide

We have included a Company User Settings feature in our Application and Outlook Add-in Intefaces, which allows administrators the option of deploying user settings without being at the user's desk. Administrators can now Change Views, Toolbar Buttons, Chat Options, Automatic Sync, and more.
Company USer Settings
Deployable Options
Company Setting Options

Default SettingDescription - Describes the Setting or Feature

EIOBoard Default - Default setting when the software is first installed.  We also have an option for resetting the deployable setting to the EIOBoard Default Settings on the lower right side.

My Settings - Setting Currently Set by the Logged In User

Deployable Settings - This is the setting that will be deployed if "Deploy" is checked.

Deploy - Sets the default for anyone who hasn't already customized that setting

Locked - Forces that setting and locks the user from being able to adjust the specified setting.

*NOTE: A restart is not required for the setting to take effect. To deploy the settings you have set in the Deployable Setting column where Deploy is checked, simply press the "Save" button.  This will automatically push this setting out to your users during the next refresh cycle on the client. 

The "Deploy All EB Default" button will copy all the settings that are specified under the "EIOBoard Default" column to the deploy column and checks the deploy checkbox. 

The "Deploy All My Settings" button will copy all the settings that are specified under the "My Setting" column to the deploy column and checks the deploy checkbox. 

Please note that these settings will not be pushed out to any user that is set as an EB Admin.

Deployable Settings
Options for Configuration

Click links below to see screenshots of each of the User Setting Screens

  Toolbar Buttons
  Default Status
  Update Status Button
  Calendar Syncronization
  Automatic Syncronization