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Administration Options

Our administration area allows you to customize EIOBoard to fit your organizational needs. You have several options: Managing All Your Users Locations and Groups, Changing Status Colors, Enabling and Disabling Settings, Setting Up Timesheets, Configuring Telephone Integration, and much more. We have designed EIOBoard to be completely configurable to any environment.



Configure EIOBoard to fit your company
 Easily change settings and features
 Tabbed admin for easy navigation 


Manage Users
  1. Add Users Manually or with our User Import Wizard.
  2. Edit any of the user's information.
  3. Assign a Group/Department, Location, and Security Group.
  4. View all your users on a single screen
Manage User Information and Security

Manage Groups and Locations
  1. Add a new Group or Location.
MNage Groups and Locations

Status Management
  1. Change the Status Type, Name, or add a custom one.
  2. Change the Color for each of your statuses.
  3. You can also enable the Status Counter feature.
Status Management

Company Settings
  1. Check boxes to add or remove setting options.
  2. View the Registration Settings for your companies EIOBoard
Company Settings