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HID Module

Prox Card Reader Module

This Prox module can convert any Wiegand signal from an existing Prox card reader to support your existing hardware. The most common use is to authenticate the user for quick status updates. It can also be used to control an electronic lock when the kiosk user is authenticated from the keypad, fingerprint, or another locally-connected card reader.


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Product Overview


Platform Independent

Supports any operating system with USB, RS-232 or RS-485 support


Configurability and Compatibility

Compatible with any Wiegand device; converter comes with configurable flash memory to support any card format

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Device is easily installed when using the supplied Snap- Trak or with an optional enclosure

How It's Used

Status Updates

Status Updates 

Our touch screen kiosks allow employees and guests a quick way to update their status in real-time. The touch screen kiosks can be placed throughout the building allowing people the ability to check notes, send messages, change status, and more.

Time Sheets

Use to Track Timesheets

No more paper punch cards! Record all your payroll timecards electronically. Combine this with our EIOBoard timesheets feature to review time records and create electronic time cards.

Guest Check In

Electronic Guest Book

Get rid of the old paper guest books and upgrade to a new electronic version. When you have a guest visiting your company or office, you can now record electronically their name, phone number, email address, contact info, and reason for visit.

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Provides real-time patients, doctor, and nurse tracking for a hospital or medical office. Patients can sign in when they arrive, and the system can track the patient througout the entire process of care.

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