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Door Module

Door Module

The Door Integration Module accepts up to two Wiegand signals from any access control system to easily allow you to quickly integrate with any security system.  The most common use is to log check-ins or check-outs automatically when someone comes through a door. This module can also be used to control a door as a standalone door control system or part of a larger distributed access control system.


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Product Overview


Integrate with Any Access Control System

Supports any access control/security system by reading up to two wiegand signals, the defacto standard for card readers. By connecting at the electrical level, we eliminate the need to interface with the access control system itself.



Map each reader's input to a specific status. Typical configuration is one is set to In and the other is set to Out. However, you could set both to In, or one to In and one to Conference Room, or whatever makes sense for your organization.

Easy Installation

Fully-Scalable Access Control

The device's original design is for a fully-scalable access control system. So if you don't have an access control system, this device can dual purpose as a scalable access control system and a method to keep employees' status up to date!


How It's Used

Status Updates

Access and Door Control 

Simple to install and provides full control over schedules, access control rules, security groups, and more. What's unique is that the system feeds into the EIOBoard system to account for every movement in and out of any room.

Time Sheets

Employee Tracking

Access Control System helps companies track employees as they move from area to area. Knowing the whereabouts of every employee improves accountability and efficiency.

Emergency Roll Call

Emergency Roll Call

In an emergency, you can have an up-to-date history of everyone in the building and where they were last detected by the system. What's most import, is all of this happens automatically - which means it's reliable and not prone to human error.

Patient Tracking

Use with Card & Fingerprint Readers

The Access Control System can be built using a traditional badge reader with most any type of card. Savance's hardware can accept all types of cards. For added accuracy you can add a fingerprint reader. It is the sure way to quickly identify you and ensure you're really you, and eliminates buddy punching, and prevents unauthorized access to secure areas.

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