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EIOBoard Reports are built into each of the EIOBoard interfaces for quick summaries and easy-to-access data. Usage Summary, In Out History Summary, and Start & End Time Reports are some of the reports you can generate. All reports are printable and exportable.


  • Quick and easy way to see a breakdown of all your EIOBoard Users
  • Gives you an overall look into how your employees are performing
  • Can help see where you need to improve on time and attendance
  • Integrated into all EIOBoard interfaces
  • Can be exported into other programs to run further reporting actions

List of Available Reports

Customer Summary
Shows the length of time the selected user(s) was set to the selected Customer.

Daily Non-Usage Summary
Shows which users have not logged in today.

Future Status Summary
Displays a user's name as the row and the day as the column with an overview of the future events scheduled for that given person on that given day.

In Out History Summary
Summarizes employees' check in and check out with the comment used and the returning date/time.

Late Returning Summary
Shows when the selected user(s) was late returning from a status (when a counter is used).

Start and End Time Summary
Shows the first paid and last unpaid status update for each day in a given date range. This report also calculates the average start and end time for a given date range.

Time and Attendance Calendar
Summarizes employees' check in and check out data into a calendar displaying paid totals.

Usage Summary
Shows when users log in and log out of EIOBoard, what time they logged in, what interface (web, application, or mobile) they used, and the computer IP address of the user.

Phone List
Shows a list of all users' phone numbers.