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Electronic Guest Book

Electronic Guest Book

When a guest visits your company or office, you can record important guest information electronically. EIOBoard Visitor Management used in combination with a check-in kiosk will inform staff via email, computer popup message, or SMS text message that they have a guest in the building. Guests can also be signed in by a receptionist, and companies can easily collect information and keep records of visitors, for example:

  • Guest name
  • Who were they there to see?
  • How long did they stay?
  • What was the purpose of the visit?

Other Use Cases

EIOBoard is fully customizable to a wide variety of use cases, including keeping track of who attended a meeting, class, conference, or seminar; student attendance tracking, or Emergency Mustering. Savance also offers a HIPAA compliant check-in solution for patients. For more information, see Savance Health Patient Self Check-In.