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Customizable Fields in EIOBoard

Customizable Fields

The possibilities are endless using EIOBoard's Custom Fields. This feature allows you to create and customize any field on your status board, resulting in better control of your organization's resources. You can also create custom options for any field and track any number of items, including fleet of company cars, machine equipment, hospital equipment, and more.


Sample Use Case: Company Vehicles

Say you have a fleet of company vehicles, and would like to assign certain people the ability to check the cars in and out, track them, and have the information displayed on the status board. Savance's in out board's custom fields option allows you to do that.

For the sake of this example scenario, you have the following company vehicles:

  • Dodge Caravan #1
  • Dodge Caravan #2
  • Ford Focus #1
  • Ford Focus #2
  • Ford Focus #3
  • Truck #1
  • Truck #2

Add a custom category or column for your vehicles.

Custom Category


Then, choose the custom options data type.

Custom Option Data Type


Add some custom options for the custom field. 

Add Custom Options


And now you can assign custom options to the user.

Assign Custom Options