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Setting Up Your Calendar

Here are some helpful tips for setting up your calendar.
Add an Event or Appointment
Add Event
Double Click or Right Click and Choose Future Status on the EIOBoard Calendar to add an Event or Appointment
Setup Synchronizing Calendars

Sync Automatically

Allow EIOBoard to sync with Outlook for any duration of days

Choose a Calendar Sync Option either Microsoft Outlook or Novell GroupWise Sync

Additional Options for Syncing:
  Bullet Add EIOBoard future status to Outlook
  Bullet Prompt for sychronization on startup
  Bullet Prompt for calendar folder
  Bullet Set comments for events marked as confidential to "Confidential Event"
  Bullet Set comments for events marked as personal to "Personal Event"
  Bullet Set comments for events marked as private to "Private Event"
  Bullet Show Outlook location in status comment
Synchronize Calendars

EIOBoard to Outlook Sync

EIOBoard to Microsoft Outlook Sync

You can Synchronize Events or Appointments to and from your EIOBoard and Outlook Calendar.

EIOBoard Calendar - Check the Synchronize to Outlook box to Add Event to Outlook Calendar

Group by Date and Status
Grouped By Status or Date

You can Group your Appointments or Events by the Status or the Date.

List All Appointments and Events
List All Events or Appointments

View a List of all your appointments or events on a single screen. You can adjust the date range for the list.

Manage Multiple Calendars
Manage Personal and Global Calendars

You can set up a "calendar view", which is a way to show multiple people's calendar in one place

Add Calendar - You can Add Calendar Views to monitor a small group of people or for each of your teams.

Helpful Viewing Options
Viewing Options

Our Calendar has some helpful viewing options that make it easy to navigate around.

Zoom In and Out - Will zoom in and out of any on any of the screens.

Today Button - brings you back to the current day.

Resource Calendars
Resource Manager

Our Resource Manager Calendar will organize all your Events, Functions, and Resources all in one area.

Manage Hardware, Software, People, Events Using our Resource Manager.

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