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  • COVID-19 Screening & Temperature Scanning Solutions

    Staff and visitor question screening and temperature scanning to keep your workplace safe

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Solutions for COVID-19 Screening & Prevention

Proactive Options to Ensure Visitor & Team Safety

Touchless Staff & Visitor Check-In

Touchless Check-In

Customizable, fully touchless electronic check-in solution for visitors, contractors, and staff.

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COVID-19 Screening Questions Custom

COVID-19 Screening Questions

Customize check-in questions for staff and visitors to screen for risk for Covid-19 symptoms.

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Temperature Scanning for COVID-19 Screening

Temperature Scanning

Hands-free and fully automated temperature scanning for staff and visitor screening.

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UV Light Cleaner for Visitor and Staff Check-In Kiosks

UV Light Cleaner

High-touch surface disinfectant that works by dispensing germicidal UV-C light at low levels.

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Kiosk Hand Sanitizer Bracket

Kiosk Hand Sanitizer Bracket

Add hand sanitizer to your Visitor Management or staff kiosk for extra convenience and cleanliness.

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Time & Attendance

Electronic In Out Board

Working from home? We can help you improve staff productivity, communication, and accountability.

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Touchless check-in solution for staff and visitors

Touchless Check-In

  • QR-Code based bring-your-own-device (BYOD) check-in
  • Customizable check-in process
  • Ask any question in the order that makes sense for your organization
  • Change the question path based on responses
  • Responsive (screen formats for the user’s device)
  • Queue and track visitors
  • Control door, turnstile, or lift gate (coming soon)
  • Print labels (coming soon)

Affordable | Touchless = Germfree

How Touchless BYOD Works

Touchless visitor and staff check-in QR Code

Person Scans QR Code with Camera

Touchless visitor check-in screen on smartphone

Person Fills In Required & Optional Information

Touchless visitor and staff check-in QR Code

Person Gets Added to Guest Log

Touchless visitor and staff check-in QR Code

Get Access to Custom Reporting

Custom COVID-19 screening questions and automatic temperature scanning

Custom Screening Questions & Temperature Scanning

  • Ask screening questions like, “Are you experiencing any flu-like symptoms?” to staff, visitors, and contractors
  • Accurately (+-0.5° C) check and log temperature of staff, visitors, and contractors (optional with temperature device)
  • Alert staff via text and/or e-mail if temperature not in the range or for concerning question responses
  • Control access through a gate, turnstile, door, etc.
  • Audit information immediately reportable from cloud or on-premise fully customizable reporting
UV light cleaner for visitor management and staff kiosks

UV Light Cleaner

  • Automatically cleans kiosk screen between uses
  • Motion sensor detects activity, then begins cleaning cycle after motion is completed
  • Kills all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19
  • Uses USB power supplied by Kiosk or wall adapter
  • Audit records retrievable
How UV Light Cleaning Works
  1. Germicidal UV-C light gets dispensed at low levels
  2. Microorganisms absorb the UV-C wavelength
  3. The DNA of infection-causing pathogens is broken
  4. Pathogens are disabled, stopping reproduction and spread
Hand sanitizer bracket for visitor management or staff check-in kiosk

Kiosk Hand Sanitizer Bracket

  • Affordable method to improve cleanliness and help prevent the spread of germs
  • Convenient for visitors and staff
Savance EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board Overview Video

Electronic In/Out Board

Brief video introducing Savance’s electronic in out board solution, an easy-to-use solution to improve communication, productivity, and accountability. A great tool for work-from-home teams during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Approaches to COVID-19 Screening & Your Organization's Level of Commitment

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all different types of businesses, the level of commitment each organization is ready to commit to is different. After assisting organizations with their efforts to put measures in place to safeguard staff and visitors since the coronavirus outbreak, Savance has taken this experience and categorized the approaches into three different categories.

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