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Savance Announces EIOBoard Is Now Savance Workplace!

Savance Announces EIOBoard Is Now Savance Workplace!

Posted on October 20, 2022 by Steve Bardocz

On October 1st, Savance officially launched its new name for EIOBoard, Savance Workplace! For years, we have struggled with an identity problem as the software originally started as an Electronic In Out Board, hence, EIOBoard. However, as the product organically matured, many more solutions and use cases became solutions of their own. We began offering these “solutions” as products on their own referring to them as Savance Visitor Management and Savance Emergency Mustering. The Savance Electronic In Out Board became just one of those solutions and EIOBoard no longer made sense to be the umbrella product suite. That's why we came up with Savance Workplace to encompass the full product suite empowering organizations to account for people for various purposes such as communications, visibility, accountability, safety, and security.

Last year, we began transitioning to our new website,, and put in motion a plan to launch the new brand to our existing customers once we felt this was ready to go. Linked with the launch of the new brand also came a new logo that we launched at the beginning of October. We are optimistic this new name will help existing and future clients realize the breadth of what Savance has to offer when it comes to helping various industries solve common problems that are typically handled poorly with paper.

Savance Workplace Solutions

  • Savance EIOBoard - Electronic In Out Board accounts for staff providing status updates through badge swipes, kiosks, mobile devices, sms, a web browser, apps, or from Outlook.
  • Savance Visitor Management - Browser-based attended visitor management; fully customizable kiosk-based self-service visitor management; or a powerful hybrid solution.
  • Savance Emergency Mustering - Alert and account for staff and visitors during an emergency by leveraging badge swipes to know who to look for and quickly account for them with a tablet equipped with a badge reader.
  • Savance Large Screen Display - Configurable digital status display showing staff whereabouts, contact information, news, announcements, weather, and other mixed content.
  • Savance Time & Attendance - Various ways to punch in and punch out stemming from a kiosk, badge swipes, browser-based, and mobile-based allowing you to export to any HR or payroll system.
  • Savance Health Screening - Keep your staff and visitors healthy with automated health screening kiosks that offer configurable health screening questions and optional temperature checks.
  • Savance Patient Check-In - Get a quicker patient registration process, shorter wait times, and more satisfied patients with Savance’s fully-customizable, real-time, HIPAA-compliant electronic patient self check-in solution.
  • Savance Patient Tracking - Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of procedures and processes, by collecting patient flow data to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Waiting Room Display - Improve patient satisfaction through increased visibility and communication, while protecting patient confidentiality with HIPAA-compliant waiting room display boards.
  • Healthcare Staff Displays - Improve staff information sharing and work processes by providing lots of options and flexibility for communication of patient status updates, on-call scheduling, and more.

What do YOU need to do?

If you are a cloud customer, you need to update the settings for all of our apps or end-points such as the kiosk, the offline mustering tablets, your iPhone app, your android app, the desktop application, the outlook add-in, or similar to use

What if I do nothing?

If you are a cloud customer, your users, kiosks, muster stations may not be able to access the services after Monday, November 30, 2022.

Why did you make this change?

We wanted to better represent all the solutions that we have to offer. We wanted to split up our marketing website from our cloud-hosted services as well, which is why our URL for our cloud customers has changed from to