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Emergency Mustering - Electronic Emergency Management Solution

Ketchup with Your Mustering Protocol

Posted on March 30, 2020 by TJ Trouba

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. In today’s bustling world of non-stop movement, we are being preached to that time is money, and that in order to keep up we need to be efficient as possible. We have also recently seen a crackdown in regulations in the workplace, with a concerted effort to keep employees and visitors as safe as possible. Priority number one has shifted to our safety and well being. If we know those two things as fact, then why on earth do companies still take emergency roll calls from a messy paper sheet and hope against hope a real emergency never happens?

Savance’s emergency management solution is the next generation of workplace safety. It will increase workplace efficiency with less time spent on emergency evacuation drills so more time can be spent growing the business. Why is our solution superior to the paper and pen protocol that has been in place forever? It starts with accountability: Savance is able to tie directly into a company’s access control system to populate a muster list. This means no worrying about someone forgetting to sign into the log book, or someone entering in a different door than usual. As soon as someone's badge is swiped in to grant access to the building, they are “in” and added to the muster list; as soon as they leave, they drop to “out” and are wiped off. This eliminates all the guesswork in who we should be looking for, and where we should be looking.

Savance Emergency Mustering takes advantage of modern technology to quickly account for each individual at a predetermined muster point using Microsoft Surface or other Windows-based tablets with badge scanners. In the event of an emergency, the tablet is taken to the muster point where each individual will approach and scan their badge. Once scanned, their name will turn green on the tablet indicating they are safe and accounted for, and once the entire tablet is green that station has successfully mustered. In the case of multiple muster points, tablets will communicate with each other, meaning if someone checks in at a different muster point than the one they were originally assigned to, lists will automatically update. Even if the network is down and the tablets cannot communicate, a name at the wrong muster point will turn yellow to indicate they are at the wrong point and to radio to the correct station.

Savance has implemented many mustering solutions over the years to aid in workplace safety, but perhaps none have been as successful as what we designed for Transocean, a major player in the Oil & Gas industry. By combining Savance Emergency Mustering with Savance's Large Screen Display solution, Transocean was able to cut muster times from 40 minutes to 8 minutes. In the following case study quote, Transocean's Captain Hargreaves provides a great example of the solution's success:

One of those emergencies took place at 0200 in the morning, and involved significant emergency response and the confusion that comes along with it. Still, muster was completed in about 8 minutes. If you would have told me this before the installation of the E-Muster system, I would have thought you were lying.

A quick Google search for workplace accidents returns countless “people missing” headlines. While Savance Emergency Mustering won’t prevent workplace emergencies, it will prevent headlines with unidentified people missing. Within ten minutes of any incident, who is missing, their last door swipe, and all their contact information would be at your fingertips providing you with the opportunity to save lives.