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Mass Notification

Feature Spotlight: Mass Notification

Posted on May 26, 2020 by TJ Trouba

What image pops up in your head in conjunction with the term "Emergency Situation"? More often than not, that answer lies somewhere between raging fires, booming explosions, and wailing sirens, but the reality is not all emergency situations look or sound like this. How do we alert the people on the grounds to an emergency in an active shooter situation, or something that requires more discretion than a loud siren?

Enter the Emergency Mass Notification feature. Through the EIOBoard software, you can send out mass notifications to any predetermined group of people for critical information, including emergency response. Whether a company wide mass notification, just the sales staff, or all people located in building "C", the message can be sent to any preset group within EIOBoard. The notification can also be sent in a handful of ways, through the application with a PC popup, through email, or through text message, to ensure all that are supposed to get the message actually receive it. Now there is no need to worry if someone is away from their desk and won't see the safety notification, they will get it right there on the phone via text. Even speed along the process through preset messages already in the system ready to send out at the click of a button.

With a robust and ever expanding emergency mustering response solution, the EIOBoard mass notification feature is just one of the ways we continue to fill in the gaps in order to continue to innovate towards the most efficient solution possible.