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Eliminate Chaos in Emergency Muster

Eliminate Chaos in Emergency Muster

Posted on June 4, 2020 by TJ Trouba

Emergency preparedness drills are one thing, actual emergency situations are a different animal entirely. It is easy to remain calm and smoothly run through a muster roll call when it is the same pre-planned weekly drill, but how drastically does that change when a real emergency is happening? Savance Emergency Mustering helps to eliminate the chaos so a workplace can remain calm, while safely and efficiently taking a muster roll call and accounting for employees' life safety.

The first way we are able to eliminate chaos is through the use of our constantly updating active roster. Tying directly into the access control system, our electronic mustering solution takes advantage of badge swipes and EIOBoard status updates to account for the whereabouts of all employees in the building at any given time. Instead of using a paper sign in sheet, or having someone print out a roster, our solution is designed to be 100% accurate and up to date with who is in the building when an emergency strikes. This also aids in eliminating the chaos for whomever is in charge of printing off the roll call sheet. While it is easy to print a piece of paper in a drill, what happens when a fire is roaring and you have to ask someone to stay behind and print a piece of paper, what then happens when the printer isn’t working properly? Our emergency mustering solution solves this issue through providing a real time roster that is constantly updated and available electronically.

Savance also is able to cut chaos through the use of our mustering hardware. With mustering tablets available in a variety of enclosures and set ups, we allow for a muster station to be mobile or stationary depending on which makes the most sense within the context of the muster. All of our muster tablets are outfitted with a badge reader that attaches via USB port to streamline the check in process. Whereas before, the muster taker would need to search through names on a list with a highlighter, we now have the ability to simply scan an access badge to quickly move through the check in process and avoid bottlenecks.

Leading right into the next point, now that we’ve efficiently mustered all who are present, our mustering software allows for you to easily see who is missing and the most useful information to track them down. In the paper process roll call you would be left with a name and maybe a time of arrival. However, with the Savance mustering solution you are able to click on the name of the missing person and have any pertinent contact information, whether it be the last door they swiped into with the time, cell phone number, and email address. Armed with this information, we can easily find the last missing person for an efficient muster.

No matter how many times we drill for emergency situations, chaos of a true emergency is the one factor we cannot replicate. Savance Emergency Mustering solution helps in eliminating as much chaos as possible so the life safety drills we all frequently practice run the same way in the event of a true emergency.