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Get rid of that old wall-mounted, outdated magnetic whiteboard, which is only viewable in one physical location, and upgrade to a ubiquitous, real-time electronic in out board for your entire office or building.

EIOBoard is a simple and easy to use office whiteboard software tool for tracking employee's work status, attendance, location, and more. Our in out board gives users the ability to send private instant messages, track phone messages, integrate with your telephone system, integrate with Outlook and GroupWise, create shared calendars, and more.

Upgrading an old Magnetic Whitebaord to a New EIOBoard's Electronic In Out Board

Comparison Between an Old Office Magnetic Whiteboard and EIOBoard's Electronic In Out Board.

Old Office Magnetic Whiteboard

Office Magnetic whiteboard can only view maybe 20-30 employees.

Leave a simple 2-3 word comment.

You can only update or view your status from a single physical location

No way for employees working outside the office to view or update their status

View only limited information like name and status.

New Electronic In Out Board

EIOBoard's in out board can view thousands of employees and organized by groups or departments.

Leave a full text comment that can be easily seen by every employee.

Update and view your status from any location using several devices; computer, internet, browser, kiosk, mobile phone, iPhone, or iPad.

Employees working off site or at home can update their status, read notes, send messages, and chat.

Configurability allows you to see cell phone number, returning date and time, email address, extension, and much more.


How it works:

Instead of using an outdated magnetic whiteboard, you can quickly check in and out using one of our interactive wall-mountable status boards. Our electronic in out whiteboards can either be touchscreen or non-touchscreen displays. Our electronic version of the old magnetic whiteboard allows you more flexibility and options for updating your status and allows you to view cell phone numbers, returning date and times, email addresses, extensions, leaving full-text comments, sending and receiving notes, and much more.

Users can quickly update or change their status using some general statuses In, Out, at Lunch, on Vacation, In a Meeting, or customize the electronic whiteboard by adding, deleting, or changing any of the options.

Whiteboard Status Changes


Multiple Software Interfaces to Update Your Status

You can also use any of our in out whiteboard board software interfaces to check in and out, and your status will be displayed on the large wall-mountable status board. All of our electronic whiteboard interfaces work simultaneously in real-time allowing you to update your status from anywhere.


Desktop Computer with the Application, Browser and Outlook Add-In Interfaces

Using a desktop computer combined with our Application, Online Web Browser, or Outlook Add-in interfaces. *Included with a standard purchase.


EIOBoard In Out Board ApplicationEIOBoard In Out Board Application Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Application Status Board

Hover to enlarge


Browser Interface ScreenshotBrowser Interface Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Browser Status Board

Hover to enlarge

Outlook Add-In

Outlook Add-In InterfaceOutlook Interface Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Outlook Add-In Status Board

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Employee Badg Card Reader and Fingerprint Scanner Combined with a Large Screen Display

Our electronic version of the magnetic whiteboard coupled with our employee badge and fingerprint readers, allows employees to quickly and painlessly check in and out of the building or office. Employee just swipe a badge using our badge card reader or using their fingerprint using our fingerprint reader, combined with our Punch Software. *You can also use a large screen display to show the status of everyone in the office or building.

Kiosk and Large Screen

Kiosk or Large Screen DisplayKiosk or Large Screen Display Interface Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Kiosk and Large Screen Status Board

Hover to enlarge

The screenshot to the left shows the large screen display (used with the employee badge card or fingerprint reader) and the touch screen kiosk views of the status board.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Using a touch screen kiosk, users can also check in using a centrally located touch screen kiosks, combined with our Kiosk Software.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Kiosk or Large Screen DisplayKiosk or Large Screen Display Interface Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Touch Screen Kiosk Update Status

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iPhone and iPad using the EIOBoard Mobile App

Using an iPhone or iPad combined with our EIOBoard Mobile App.

iPhone or iPad

iPhone or iPad iPhone or iPad Full Screenshot
EIOBoard iPhone or iPad Status Board

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Phone using the Application, Browser, and Outlook Add-In

Using a mobile phone combined with our EIOBoard Mobile.


Mobile InterfaceMobile Inteface Full Screenshot
EIOBoard Mobile Status Board

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Office Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Groups

For larger corporations, our in out board can be quickly setup to use multiple groups within your company; Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, Management, Engineering, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Friends, or any group you want to create.

Create Organizational Groups


Customizable Fields for the Office Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement

Our electronic office whiteboards can display several columns of information;  name, phone number, email, location, comments, picture, and more. You can also customize all the fields on your whiteboard to display any information you may require.

Columns of information


Office Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Tracks Guest Waiting

Not only can our office whiteboard track employees, but it can also track guests waiting in the lobby and be alerted when a guest arrives. With a quick glance you can see the entire guest's information.

Guests checking in and out


Electronic Notes

Our office whiteboards allow you to send and receive electronic notes.

Electronic Notes for the Status Board


See Everyone on One Office Magnetic Whiteboard Replacaement

The office Magnetic whiteboards allow you to view the status of everyone in your office building right from your desk.

In Out Boards Friends


Give Your Administrative Staff a Better View

The office whiteboard give the administrative staff the ability to see at a glance of who is in or out right from their desk.

Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement for Administrative Staff


See Offsite Employees on the Office Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement 

The office whiteboards are able to track the status of off-site employees, so employees will never be out of reach from the office when working from another location, or at home.  EIOBoard's in out board allows employees to check in and out, and be able to properly communicate with others at the office.

Time and Attendance Off Site Attendance


Our Office Magnetic Whiteboard Hardware Options

You can couple the office whiteboards with our other hardware options, and customize any solution to fit your needs.


Eliminates Time and Attendance Nightmare

Our electronic version of the magnetic whiteboard board gives you so much more than a status board. Stop the payroll errors and administrative time and attendance nightmare!  EIOBoard's office whiteboards makes it easy to collect time and attendance data and process payroll accurately. EIOBoard's timesheet feature is a hassle free solution for your organization's time and attendance.

Time and Attendance software


Office Whiteboards Calendar

Our office whiteboard also provides you with an online and desktop calendar, so you can see all the events and appointments for the day, week, or month. You can also easily sync with your Outlook or GroupWise Calendars which in turn can update your status automatically.

In Out Board Calendar


Office Whiteboard Reports

Get reports instantly!  EIOBoard reports are built into each of the interfaces for quick summaries.

Inn Out Status Reports


Major Benefits of EIOBoard's Electronic Office Whiteboard

  • EIOBoard's Easy Setup and Installation - requires hours, instead of days, compared with other products on the market.  Our teams of professional are here to help during the entire process.
  • Instant Return on Investment (ROI) - our software offers more return for your dollar than any software on the market.  Our abundance of status board features which comes standard with our product gives you a complete status board and more, without breaking the bank.
  • EIOBoard Customized to Your Company - our product can be completely customized to fit into any industry.  We offer our expert advice and will help you tailor features to meet your company's needs.
  • Completely Scalable to any Size Company - whether you are small company consisting of 20 or 5000 employees, or if you have a single location or 10 locations, our software is flexible to meet your needs.
  • Quick and Automatic Painless Upgrades - we are constantly upgrading and improving our software to include new features and compatibility issues. EIOBoard releases annually to keep our software current, fresh, and up-to-date and we are always preparing for the next release: http://www.eioboard.com/Releases.aspx
  • Eliminates Paper Methods - get rid of those paper methods of keeping track of employee's statuses, check in and out time, and time cards.
  • Complete Transparency for Receptionists - the status board allows current and new receptionists to have a complete status of everyone in or out of the building.
  • Outstanding Assistance and Support - try to call or email the company and see how quickly you receive a response. With EIOBoard, you'll always get immediate attention very easily and very quickly.
  • More features than Any In Out Board on the Market - we offer a plethora of features that your users will be enthusiastic about using: http://www.eioboard.com/Features.aspx


Industries currently using EIOBoard's Electronic Office Whiteboard

  • Health Care
  • Automotive
  • School and Universities
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Government Agencies