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Release Notes 6.1

EIOBoard Version 6.1.0 Release Notes

Application Interface Fixes
- Fixed where the Settings screen could automatically close on first run.
- Fixed where Chat would try to connect even if you were not logged in.
- Fixed where an unread note would show a Date Read.
- Fixed where updating Organization Operation Hours would improperly offset the time.

EIOBoard Server Enhancements
- New EIOBoard Server .NET server program which can now run as a Service and an Application simultaneously.
- Built-in AD Sync tool which saves the template to the database adding support for Windows Server 2008.
- Support for TAPI allowing interaction with phone systems supporting TAPI with TSP drivers to change user Statuses.
- Increased Chat stability.
- Chat Server setting is now set server-side instead of client-side.
- Customizable database tasks.

Kiosk Interface Enhancements
- Setting to force Comment entry.
- Additional Date Updated column added for the Status View.
- Optionally displays picture of user logged in

Offline Interface Enhancements
- Ability to synchronize either over ActiveSync or wireless network connection.

Outlook Interface Enhancements
- Additional customizable columns for the Standard View.
- Telephone Integration to adjust status while on/off the phone (TAPI)
- Chat setting is now set from the server.

Outlook Interface Fixes
- Improved chat connectivity.
- Fixed where the Auto Sync settings for Free and Tentative were not saving properly.

Web Interface Enhancements
- Changes to support integration with SharePoint.
- Support for additional languages.
- Added Pager column to the Phone List.
- Ability to export the Phone List to an Excel file.
- Ability to export the list of users and their details to an Excel file from the Administrator page.

Web Interface Fixes
- Fixed where Customer Report was not returning all customers.
- Fixed where printing the Time and Attendance Report would add an extra day.

Known Issues
- Printing List View Calendar does not show the times because they are cut off.
- The "Sign Out All Users at Midnight" Company Setting only runs at midnight (server time).